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Major ARC grant approved for smart bungs project

We are proud to announce that Professor Tanya Monro’s team at the University of Adelaide has been awarded a major Australian Research Council (ARC) grant for ongoing research into ‘smart bungs’. Professor Monro is the director of the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing where they have been using this optical fibre-based technology to develop wine barrel sensors for use in wineries, with the aim for industry to be able to improve monitoring of wine and thereby improve quality and minimise waste. These tasks have normally been performed manually in the winery laboratories.

The team’s progress as well as its success in attracting the $405,000 ARC grant for the project was reported in the Adelaide Advertiser on 2 November 2011, in an article entitled Roll out barrel for bung idea.

See also the media release by Federal Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr of 1 November 2011, which gives an overview of the 76 research projects with funding approved in South Australia, amounting to $23 million in all, of which $15.3 million was awarded to the University of Adelaide for a total of 48 projects.


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