GWRDC scholarships for Honours and PhD candidates – take a look!

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) is currently advertising scholarships for Honours and PhD students. The GWRDC supports the development of the Australian grape and wine sector by investing in RD&E programmes along the whole value chain ‘from vine to glass’.

The closing date for this round of applications is 11 November 2011– that’s soon! For full details go to the GWRDC pages entitled Guidelines and Applications PhD and Honours.

The PhD Scholarship
The GWRDC PhD scholarship programme aims to attract postgraduate students into wine, viticulture and wine business research. For three years of full-time study, the full scholarships provide annual funding of up to:

• $30,000 student stipend, and

• $10,000 operating funds.

There are also options for candidates to apply for PhD supplementary scholarships or to undertake part-time PhD study and funding will be adjusted accordingly.

Honours Scholarship
The GWRDC Honours scholarship programme also provides opportunities for postgraduate students in the fields of wine, viticulture and wine business research.

Full-time Honours scholarships are available for up to $6,000, consisting of a $4,000 student stipend and $2,000 operating support for the research project.

Again there are part-time study options with funding adjusted accordingly.

How do you apply?
Go to the GWRDC website for full details. The GWRDC also welcomes all enquiries about the application process. GWRDC can be contacted on 08 8273 0500 or email:

Applicants are encouraged to consult the GWRDC’s Five-year R&D Plan 2007–12 and Annual Operating Plan 2010–11 when developing your applications. These documents are available on the GWRDC website.


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