What wines do you like? Share your opinion!

What wines do you like?

Share your opinion in my online survey and be a part of a research project at University of Adelaide

My name is Yaelle Saltman, I am a PhD candidate in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine in the University of Adelaide. My research project is concerned with: wine consumers’ acceptance of food additives in wines; what wine consumers already know about food additives in wines; and to what extent they are willing to accept the addition of food additives to wines for the purpose of improving wine quality.

As a participant in the survey you will be asked to rate your level of knowledge about food additives in general and food additives in wines. You will also be asked to rate your level of acceptance of potential future additives in wines. Finally, by providing general demographic and wine purchasing habit information, we will be able to profile wine consumers and segment them according to their level of acceptance of innovation practices in wine.

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  1. SHG said

    “What wines do you like” is a very different question from “what is your level of knowledge about food additives and your acceptance level of potential future additives in wine”.

    • tigchandler said

      That is a fair comment which I shall feed back to the researcher. Thank you

  2. Jim Fortune said

    A number of questions rather equivocal e.g. wines can be made from anything but the law might take a different pathway for something sold commercially

    Is the question about milk a trick or is it a question about casein?

    Only examples as a number of questions made me pause and reflect on if I was answering the right question – not good in a survey with no comments field

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