Wine2030 reaches out to the Gold Coast

Wine2030’s Nicola Chandler (aka Tigs) took the Wine2030 message to the Gold Coast, talking to Bond University’s wine studies students, (click here to go to for the full article and beautiful campus photos), seeing what they are learning and opening them up to a new source of information and contacts. Nicola attended Steve Knight’s wine studies course at Bond, kicking off the class with a presentation showing the key areas of the University of Adelaide that are involved in wine research.

Nicola is mostly involved with Wine2030 and the Wine Economics Research Centre so these sources were her focus. She highlighted examples of research ongoing at the university and the amazing resources open to researchers and students in Adelaide, including the University of Adelaide’s Hickinbotham Roseworthy Wine Sciences Laboratory at the Waite campus. She also showed the students some juicy statistics from the recently released Global Wine Markets, 1961 to 2009: A Statistical Compendium, produced by the Wine Economics Research Centre.

The importance of social media in sharing wine research and encouraging information flows formed the second half of the talk to the students – the use of Twitter, blogging, websites, and a whole new approach to sharing information in addition to traditional media. Social media opens so many more doors in expanding the audience and enriching research and communication. Social media makes research more accessible. See Tig’s Ten Commandments for Engaging in Social Media for a simple guide to approaching this area. Please feel free to share the commandments and all feedback welcome!


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