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Tigs talks to wine industry and wine marketing guru Dr Steve Goodman

Nicola Chandler (aka Tigchandler) interviews Steve Goodman of the University of Adelaide’s Business School.

Dr Steve Goodman

On meeting Steve Goodman you cannot fail to be warmed by his friendly open demeanour and sharing approach to his work. Dr Steve Goodman has the title of Program Director – Higher Degrees by Research but this only hints at the array of his skills and experience.

Of course for Wine2030 I wanted to know mostly about Steve’s link with the wine industry and wine-related research. I was impressed to find that he has worked both in academia and in industry as a consultant to wine businesses:

• His PhD used the South Australian wine industry as a case study: ‘Building Competitive Advantage? The Internet’s Impact on the Value System: A Study of the South Australian Wine Industry’.

• His consultancy Souter and Goodman Wine Marketing acted as an outsourced marketing department for small and medium wineries in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, designing and developing marketing plans and strategies, communications plans, distribution management and distribution marketing. Examples of his clients include Primo Estate, Bremerton and Geoff Weaver, the expert winemaker based in the Adelaide Hills and respected member of the Wine2030 External Advisory Board.

Being an avid wine news reader, I was impressed to discover that prior to, and during, his consultancy he had established the news site and released a daily html newsletter. This service was sold to Winetitles and became Daily Wine News, a great source of wine news information both within Australia and for international wine-related news items.

Steve’s extensive practical and theoretical experience has fed into his forthcoming book entitled Principles of Wine Marketing – I will be reviewing this book as soon as it is available – watch this space! Steve has also authored, co-authored and supervised a number of papers on a variety of wine-related topics – read on…

Steve’s name came to my attention as he is the recipient of GWRDC grants for significant wine-related research projects at the university. Key projects (click on links to see more information on the Wine2030 research pages) are:

Consumer Choice for Wine: An International Study in the Retail and On-Premise Environment

Purchase decisions along the supply chain

What’s influencing buyers in China, USA, Aus

Steve’s research has always been wine related with a specialisation in wine marketing. His work for the GWRDC has looked at consumer choices for wine and what influences people to make the choices they make.

His focus now is on finding out what influences people in the supply chain to make the choices they do, since consumers only get to choose what the supply chain puts in front of them. He has been gathering data from Australia, China and the US and is already finding differences in choice patterns between distributors with varying characteristics such as high and low volume of turnover, margin size, and with the on- versus off-premise focus. The paper entitled ‘Which winery to represent: what influences the distributor’s choice?’ was presented at the Academy of Wine Business Research in France on 10 June 2011.

Research that Steve is involved in has led to a number of papers being presented at that conference by University of Adelaide Business School’s Honours and PhD students:

Melanie Reddaway presented at the Academy of Wine Business Research conference. Former management accountant at Boars Rock, Melanie is currently looking at the use of management accounting in decision-making in small and medium wineries. The role of accounting information in the management of winery SMEs: a review of the broader existing literature and its implications for Australia’s wine industry. Melanie is a PhD student, supervised by Steve Goodman and Chris Graves with a University of Adelaide scholarship.

Teagan Altschwager presented a paper entitled ‘Moderators of the Servicescape to Response Behaviour, and Future Purchase Intention Relationship’ at the Academy of Wine Business Research conference based on her Honours work on Servicescape. She is currently undertaking a PhD looking at branded events, supervised by Cullen Habel and Steve Goodman with a University of Adelaide scholarship.

Chris Matthews completed his Honours in 2010 with the University of Adelaide, based on the Waite campus, looking at the topic of product bundling. His PhD topic now is looking at product bundling with wine as part of a bundle and the messages this sends to consumers. Chris is supervised by Steve Goodman and Cullen Habel with a University of Adelaide scholarship.

Rebecca Dolan is currently undertaking Honours on a University of Adelaide scholarship looking at the role and impact of social media in brand equity of small and medium wineries, and the role of social media to develop brand resonance. If extended to a PhD, Rebecca will be expanding the scope of this research to include more quantitative analysis and to look at more aspects of social media.

Dr Steve Goodman teaches at the University of Adelaide Business School. As well as supervising Honours, Masters and PhD students, he teaches: Marketing Communication (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), as well as Service Design & Marketing and Marketing in the MBA programme.


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Wine2030 reaches out to the Gold Coast

Wine2030’s Nicola Chandler (aka Tigs) took the Wine2030 message to the Gold Coast, talking to Bond University’s wine studies students, (click here to go to for the full article and beautiful campus photos), seeing what they are learning and opening them up to a new source of information and contacts. Nicola attended Steve Knight’s wine studies course at Bond, kicking off the class with a presentation showing the key areas of the University of Adelaide that are involved in wine research.

Nicola is mostly involved with Wine2030 and the Wine Economics Research Centre so these sources were her focus. She highlighted examples of research ongoing at the university and the amazing resources open to researchers and students in Adelaide, including the University of Adelaide’s Hickinbotham Roseworthy Wine Sciences Laboratory at the Waite campus. She also showed the students some juicy statistics from the recently released Global Wine Markets, 1961 to 2009: A Statistical Compendium, produced by the Wine Economics Research Centre.

The importance of social media in sharing wine research and encouraging information flows formed the second half of the talk to the students – the use of Twitter, blogging, websites, and a whole new approach to sharing information in addition to traditional media. Social media opens so many more doors in expanding the audience and enriching research and communication. Social media makes research more accessible. See Tig’s Ten Commandments for Engaging in Social Media for a simple guide to approaching this area. Please feel free to share the commandments and all feedback welcome!

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