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Decanter wine writer Andrew Jefford promotes the Global Wine Markets statistical compendium

Andrew Jefford, wine writer for Decanter magazine, writes about the Wine Economics Research Centre’s recent release, Global Wine Markets, 1961 to 2009, A Statistical Compendium in an article entitled: “Jefford on Monday: All The Figures That’s Fit To Print“.

Jefford picks out juicy snippets from the burgeoning compendium, making you want to delve deeper and questioning your assumptions about the shape of the world wine market. How dependent are France and Italy on wine exports? Which countries’¬†wine markets are most dominated by large wine companies? What is the per capita wine consumption in Australia? Or the UK? All of these answers are freely available in this valuable statistical resource.

Full information on the compendium is freely available in pdf or Excel format by chapter from the WERC website at this page.

The full pdf is free to download from the University of Adelaide Press and you may also order the hard copy for just AUD35.00.


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