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The Indian wine market – an overview for Australian winemakers

Dr Nicola Chandler of the University of Adelaide’s Wine2030 group and Wine Economics Research Centre attended a talk on 21 September organised by Austrade (the Australian Trade Commission) and the Onkaparinga Exporters Club – a regional body that directly assists exporters.

Mahesh Krishnan from Austrade Mumbai spoke about the Indian wine market: its stage of development in terms of demand/consumption patterns; strategies for entering the market; and the key market challenges facing potential suppliers, particularly those from Australia. This overview by Dr Chandler provides a clear and useful summary of this presentation.

Read her blog on this event here.


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Kym Anderson talks to Mendoza Conference about New World wine markets

Professor Kym Anderson of the University of Adelaide presented his Wine Economics Research Centre working paper entitled “The New World in Globalizing Wine Markets: Lessons from Australia” at the International Wine Forum in Mendoza, Argentina on 2 September 2010.

The presentation is available in Powerpoint here.

The conference report is available in Spanish here.

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Advance notice – GWRDC Preliminary Project Applications

GWRDC has information on their website advising that preliminary project applications (PPAs) for 2011-2012 will be due 5 November 2010. Further information about this call will be advertised via major national newspapers on October 23rd.

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AAWE #69 and #70 latest wine economics papers

AAWE Working Paper No. 69 Economics
Do public monopolies maximise welfare or profit? This paper by Katja Seim and Joel Waldfogel looks at the example of the Pennysylvania Liquor Control Board. 

Public Monopoly and Economic Efficiency: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Entry Decisions
Katja Seim and Joel Waldfogel

AAWE President Orley Ashenfelter says that maybe this means that wine and liquor monopolies are not all bad! Read his blog here.

AAWE Working Paper No. 70 Economics
Return to Wine: a Comparison of the Hedonic, Repeat Sales, and Hybrid Approaches
James J. Fogarty and Callum Jones

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AAWE paper #66: Taste testing of wine – cues important to experts and novices

This AAWE paper by Anthony Pecotich and Steven Ward investigates the consumer purchasing decision for wines, with variations in quality, brand and country of origin. They surveyed both wine novices and experts.

Both groups showed that the country of origin cue was significant in the quality evaluation, pricing and choice of wine. Results demonstrated that extrinsic clues were important for both groups of consumers.

Read the full paper here.

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Two AAWE papers by DeSimone on students and frequent drinking

Jeffrey DeSimone’s latest AAWE papers look at how frequent and binge drinking patterns affect those in high school and university/college.

AAWE Working Paper No. 67 Economics
Fraternity Membership & Frequent Drinking

Jeffrey S. DeSimone

AAWE Working Paper No. 68 Economics
Binge Drinking & Sex in High School

Jeffrey S. DeSimone

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