Good news! Awards for grapevine and berry research papers, Wine2030

Steve Tyerman’s group has won the Best Paper Award from the journal Functional Plant Biology for the second year running in grapevine research. The first award was in 2008 for the paper by Joanne Tilbrook and Steve Tyerman (2008) Cell death in grape berries: varietal differences linked to xylem pressure and berry weight loss. Functional Plant Biology 35: 173-184. 

The second award was for the paper by Megan Shelden, Susan Howitt, Brent Kaiser and Steve Tyerman (2009) Identification and functional characterisation of aquaporins in the grapevineVitis vinifera. Functional Plant Biology 36: 1065-1078.  

Steve’s group has also provided the front cover for the latest edition of the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research in which they have published the paper Sigfredo Fuentes, Wendy Sullivan, Joanne Tilbrook, and Steve Tyerman (2010) A novel analysis of grapevine berry tissue demonstrates a variety-dependent correlation between tissue vitality and berry shrivel. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 16: 327-336.


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