Andrew Jefford: Has Australia’s wine surge stalled?

Andrew Jefford asks – has Australia’s wine surge stalled?

In this article for the Financial Times Andrew Jefford asks if the unparalleled export success of the Australian wine industry over the past two decades has reach its pinnacle. How did Australia manage this incredible success and what has caused it to stall? Jefford believes that it is not only the strong dollar or the novelty of the humorous and direct approach wearing off that is the cause. He looks at the impact of Australia’s approach to winemaking. While Australia’s success provided lessons for other exporters, particularly from Europe, could it now be that the pendulum is swinging back and Australians must reflect on their approach and learn from others?

Jefford was the Wine Writer in Residence at the University of Adelaide until April 2010. In this article he reflects on his 15 months in Australia and his reflections on the various issues in the Australian wine debate.


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