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Grapes of Wrath – ABC Landline, 25 April 2010


The last of this year’s wine grapes are being harvested this weekend and given the poor prices they’re fetching it’s a bitter-sweet end to the season for many growers. Long-term though, the outlook is apparently still pretty good for the Australian Wine Industry according to Economist Professor Kym Anderson who is part of a team at Adelaide University looking well beyond the latest downturn to what the business might look like in 20 years.
Watch the ABC Landline Grapes of Wrath video.


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Wine Glut – ABC Radio National, 31 March 2010

In a global wine glut, Australia is producing up to 40 million cases a year more than it is selling. While it’s good news for drinkers looking for a bargain, it’s bad news for the industry – especially small producers struggling to survive with low prices. So how did things get so bad and what’s being done to fix it? What will it mean for wine quality and prices in the future? Kym Anderson joins the panel to discuss this pressing issue.
Listen to the Wine Glut discussion on ABC Radio National.

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Radioactive carbon pinpoints wine vintage (The World Today with Eleanor Hall)

Graham Jones, wine chemist from the University of Adelaide has identified an accurate means of correctly dating the vintage of a by analysing the levels of radioactive carbon that it contains.  Click on the link below to read the interview with Eleanor Hall.

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