Re-engineering vineyards and other ‘Blue-Sky’ thinking

Back in November, 2009 Derek Morikawa, CEO of Vision Robotics Corporation gave an inspiring talk on robotic pruning at the Wine2030 BlueSky symposium. Today he was back in Adelaide brainstorming ideas around important research questions and business opportunities enabled by the technology his company is developing.

Think Tank - re engineering vineyards

Pictured (from left) Derek Morikawa, Simon Robinson, Christopher Findlay, Roger Leigh and Cass Collins

Today’s meeting was inspired by a blend of ideas that surfaced during last year’s symposium and spurred on by continuing online discussions. One topic of discussion was to think about ‘Re-engineering vineyards’ – a challenge to innovate beyond incremental improvement along the lines of Max Zornada’s presentation from BlueSky2009. Present at the meeting were other speakers from previous symposia, including Anton van den Hengel and Christopher Findlay.


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