Derek Morikawa robotic pruning at Bluesky2009

Listen to Derek Morikawa talk about robotic pruning at the 2009 Wine2030 Blue Sky Symposium, held at the national wine centre in Adelaide, South Australia. For more information visit the Wine2030website. Subscribe to our RSS feed for more podcasts.

Derek Morikawa – CEO, Vision Robotics, California – Robotic pruning — how far away?


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  1. Peter Wall said

    The concept of an autonomous powered vehicle which has on-board computational capacity and mechanical and electronis tool-sets will enable a new era of detailed research, data-logging, manipulation and harvesting. The detailed awareness (even down to the level of individual vines) mapped in a database so that time series analysis is then possible, will open up possibilities only imagined in the past.
    This will also enable many aspects covered in Andrew jefford’s talk yesterday.
    Great Day.

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