GrapeFACE Q2. Beneficial information to industry?

2) For the wine grape industry in terms of adaptation to climate change do the questions below align with potential beneficial information for industry? For all of the below assume that the full product chain would be examined, i.e. soil to glass.

a) What will be the impact of temperature (average, yearly patterns and extremes)?

b) What will be the impact of water shortage and water quality decline?

c) What will be the impact of increased carbon dioxide?

d) What will be the interactions of a,b,c?



  1. Everard Edwards said

    The belowground/soil effects must not be left as a poor second.
    Big effects on root systems are often seen with eCO2 and they can’t
    all be explained by plant size/root fraction relationships. Also,
    soil effects may well be important (especially leaf/root litter
    quality – though I consider these indirect as I have a very hard time
    believing that the increase in CO2 above the soil surface can have
    much effect on the several thousand ppm seen within the soil.

  2. Eileen Scott said

    The effcts of elevated CO2 and temperature on a whole range of diseases also needs to be taken into account. The type of facility, whether free to air or a chamber, would affect both exposure to inoculum (mainly spores) and subsequent disease development.

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