GrapeFACE Q12. Would you be involved?

12) If a full grapeFACE could be established, would you bring a project into the facility? If so, roughly in what area?



  1. V Sadras said

    Yes, dynamics of leaf expansion and senescence

  2. Brian Loveys said

    CSIRO would be very keen to help in any way we can with the development of climate change research. We see this as important for the wine industry and an opportunity for WIC to develop some long term plans and get real value out of the collaborative approach.

  3. Eileen Scott said

    Yes, in effects on disease development.

  4. Gordon Rogers said

    AHR would like to be involved with the grapeFACE experiment. We are interested in high CO2 research generally, and specifially FACE if is could be linked in some way with the HFE site at Richmond. There are grapes established on the adjacent site at UWS, Richmond (approx 10 years old).

  5. Mike Keller said

    Yes, I would propose to investigate the effects if elevated CO2 on invertebrates. It could be valuable to combine research on invertebrates and pathogens, since some interesting interactions betwen them may emerge. For example, changes in amino-acid profiles related to disease would influence the growth and development of insects, nematodes and mites.

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