GrapeFACE Q10. Pilot experiment?

10) Do you think there is value in undertaking a pilot experiment, particularly if we could obtain second-hand FACE equipment?


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  1. Everard Edwards said

    One thing not addressed at the meeting was the implication of the
    variability in the CO2 control. Within 20% of the target for at
    least 80% of the time is a lot of variability. I was very impressed
    with the Tas mini-FACE in that respect. The problem is fairly
    obvious in that, typically, all the variability above the mean CO2
    conc results in the leaf being CO2 saturated and thus has no effect,
    whereas the variability below the mean will often cause the leaf to
    be CO2 limited, so only the latter has any significant effect on
    photosynthesis and thus the mean CO2 conc ‘seen’ by the leaf can be a
    fair bit lower than the actual mean and misinterpreted as
    acclimation. This is something that has largely been ignored by the
    FACE community because there is no easy solution – as commented on by Roger Gifford a few years ago in New Phytologist.

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